Lincoln Max 6 Select SM Advantage

5% Growth, 6.75% Initial Income

Lincoln Max 6 SelectSM Advantage, an optional living benefit rider available for an additional charge with a Lincoln variable annuity, gives investors:


  • Protected Income Base grows annually at the greater of 5% growth or account value growth
  • 6.75% income at age 65, 5.50% for joint life (3% for single life; 2.75% for joint life guaranteed income if account value falls to zero)1
  • Protection for beneficiaries with a dollar-for-dollar Guarantee of Principal death benefit2
  • Tax-deferral during accumulation for greater growth potential


  • Build up to an 80/20 equity/fixed income portfolio
  • Active and passive options are available
This chart shows how Max 6 SelectSM Advantage works—providing guaranteed growth and protected income for life.