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What type is right for me?

Picture your retirement. Do you know where you’ll get the income to support the life you have planned?

If you’re like most Americans, you’d like your retirement plan to replace the income you used to receive and safeguard it from the market. Fortunately, you can get a protected income that lasts a lifetime by investing in an annuity with different benefit options.

What are my options?

To enjoy income that lasts a lifetime, and can even benefit your loved ones, learn about the types of annuities available from Lincoln Financial Group.  

Your goal Differentiator Type of annuity
Grow your savings before enjoying protected monthly income for life. Your income may grow, but it will never drop below a predictable amount.
Gives you the opportunity to grow your future income while also offering options to help protect against market downturns.  Variable annuity
Protect your savings before enjoying a predictable monthly income for life. 
Provides a way to help protect your savings, then enjoy a protected, predictable source of income for life. Fixed annuity