Meet Jake

New father embraces the opportunity to bond with his newborn daughter


Jake is a 34-year-old sales manager, who's been married to Rebecca for six years. Rebecca is eight months pregnant with their first baby, and Jake is eager to help in any way he can. From running out for midnight milkshakes to attending childbirth classes, Jake is committed to being there for his wife and new daughter.


Jake wants to take time off to bond with the baby, but he's not sure where to begin. He's heard there are different benefits he can use to protect his job and income while he's out, but he doesn't know how those work.


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Jake's HR rep provides an overview of his options, tells him to complete a claims form and contact Lincoln to discuss details. Jake speaks to Nicole, a claims specialist who walks him through the leave process, including the requirements for NY Paid Family Leave (PFL) and what unpaid protections he has under FMLA. Jake is happy to find out he is eligible for paid leave to bond with Grace and protect his job while he is out.

After discussing his options, Jake decides to take 12 weeks of paid family leave right after the birth of his daughter. With Lincoln managing his PFL and FMLA, Jake can focus on what matters most: his wife and new baby.


“It was easier than I thought to take leave to be with my baby. Lincoln handled all the details so I could enjoy spending time with baby Grace!”