Meet Natalia

Things are looking good - and Natalia wants to keep it that way


Things have never come easy for Natalia. But as she nears 35, she has a good job, is active in her community, has recently gotten married and bought a house. It wasn't always like this, though.

Her dad passed away when she was a teenager. He didn't have life insurance or much money saved - leaving Natalia, her mom and younger sister in a critical financial position. College was out of the question for Natalia, but she's worked hard and done well. Now, she and her husband want to start a family.


It's important to Natalia to protect her loved ones - including her mother, especially since COVID-19 has emerged. She runs her mother's errands, takes her to doctors' appointments and helps her financially. Natalia feels the responsibility - and pressure - to make sound financial decisions for her family.

Natalia searches online for information on finances, especially life insurance. She's active on social media, but doesn't trust everything she reads there. How can she be sure she's getting reliable information and advice?


Natalia learns about the advantages of getting life insurance through her employer - such as reasonable group rates and payroll deduction. Natalia suspects she needs more life insurance than what her company provides (equal to her annual salary). So for more information, she turns to Lincoln WellnessPATH®, a financial wellness tool offered by her company.

She finds a life insurance calculator that helps her figure out how much additional life insurance she needs, and was excited to find a resource library full of financial advice she could trust.


The #1 thing millenials say they want to protect financially: their family.

Lincoln Financial/Phoenix Marketing International, Protection Omnibus Study, May 2020


“I feel a sense of relief that I’m taking care of my family and making sure they won’t have to worry about their finances, even if I’m not here to help."