Meet Samantha

Mother of teenagers discovers the benefits of accident insurance


Meet Samantha, a 49-year-old administrative assistant and single mother of three teenage boys - Jackson, age 12; Matthew, age 14; and Brian, age 16. Beyond managing all her projects at work, Samantha spends a lot of time shuttling her boys to hockey practice, basketball games, and violin lessons.


Samantha's boys are very active, so accidents inevitably happen. But the boys have had a run of bad luck lately. Matthew broke his ankle playing hockey, and then Brian got a concussion a couple weeks later after a nasty fall on the basketball court. Jackson escaped the injury bug, but then he cut his hand while slicing a bagel - a trip to the ER and 10 stitches. Between missing work, medical bills and the stress of it all, Samantha is overwhelmed and needs help.

1 in 8 individuals a year have an accident

CDC, National Center for Health Statistics, Fast Facts Accident Unintentional Injuries, 5/3/2017.



Samantha takes a closer look at her company-sponsored benefits and realizes that her employer offers accident insurance. She’s so thankful to learn that it pays a lump-sum cash benefit for each covered accidental injury—including multiple injuries sustained in a single accident. The accident insurance benefit covers her family’s trips to the ER, diagnostic exams, casts, stitches, follow-up doctor’s visits, and more. When Samantha receives the check in the mail, she’s incredibly relieved. It’s exactly what she needs to pay her bills and help her boys get back on their feet and back in the game.

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“The lump-sum payment gave me the support I needed to help my family. I'm so grateful!"