Beyond protection

In addition to powerful protection, life insurance can also provide living benefits for you to use during your lifetime, such as the ability to grow the cash value, access funds, and pass along your assets in a way that is tax-advantaged.

Here are some ways life insurance can help you plan for the future

Retirement Planning

Add financial flexibility to your retirement. Permanent Life insurance offers you the opportunity to accumulate cash value that you can withdraw throughout your lifetime—tax-free.*

Long-term Care Expense Protection

Adding optional riders to a Permanent Life insurance policy empowers you to tap into your plan, through tax-free loans and withdrawals, providing income in the event of a temporary or permanent chronic illness.

Survivor Benefits

Protect your spouse with a policy that offers coverage for one or two individuals and tax-deferred cash value growth potential.

Tax Management

Adding cash value life insurance to your portfolio can help protect your savings and provide tax-deferred growth opportunities and income-tax free distributions without penalties and without affecting your Social Security benefits.1

Estate Planning

Help protect your beneficiaries from income tax. Since the death benefit of your life insurance policy is not treated as income, your beneficiaries probably won’t have to pay income tax on it. (Estate taxes may be a different matter.)

Charitable Giving

Is there an organization that has shaped your life? By taking money you planned to donate and purchasing a life insurance policy with growth potential and designating the organization as the beneficiary, you’ll make a bigger impact with a larger, tax-advantaged gift.

Business Protection

Fund business strategies that attract, retain and reward employees and make sure that the business continues into the future.

Life is what you make it

The right plan can provide living benefits that could allow you to access cash value during retirement.

Learn about living benefits

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Are you from another country but spend most of your time in the U.S.?

Permanent Life insurance can help you protect your family and business and diversify your retirement portfolio. All our Permanent Life insurance policies are available to foreign national clients, and in some cases, Temporary Life insurance may be available, too.

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Are you a business owner?

Life insurance can be used to fund strategies that attract, retain and reward key employees.

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Make your policy work for you

Customize your life insurance policy to meet your unique needs. Our additional riders address long-term care, chronic-illness, estate protection and many other needs.

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Permanent Life Insurance

Access your cash value when you need it and protect your family after you’re gone.

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* Loans and withdrawals will reduce the policy’s cash value and death benefit, may cause the policy to lapse, and may have tax implications.

1 Income tax-free subject to certain requirements. Could affect modified adjusted gross income. No effect on Social Security benefits starting at age 62.

 In New York, Lincoln LifeElements® One-year Term and Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term (10-year) will only be available for contractual obligations. Lincoln Financial Group® affiliates, their distributors, and their respective employees, representatives, and/or insurance agents do not provide estate, tax, accounting, or legal advice. Please consult an independent professional as to any tax, accounting, or legal statements made herein.

It is possible coverage will expire when either no premiums are paid following the initial premium, or subsequent premiums are insufficient to continue coverage.