Simplifying the process

Securing the life insurance protection you want should be as simple as possible. That’s why Lincoln Financial offers an easy process with great customer service to assist you through your policy application and approval.

At Lincoln, you might not need a medical exam or bloodwork to qualify for life insurance. And we’ve simplified the process even more with our tele-app option. Once you decide on a policy that meets your needs, your financial professional will submit your initial application to Lincoln Financial.

Our Tele-App process makes life easy


Expect a simple process.
Just meet with your financial professional and Lincoln does the rest.


Online or phone client interview options for application completion.

You and your clients can expect a superior customer experience.


Your application moves through underwriting.

A dedicated team of Lincoln underwriting specialists will take it from there.


You may be eligible for lab-free consideration.

Lincoln waives lab work for the healthiest individuals, ages 18 to 60, who want coverage of $1 million or less.


Choose eDelivery.

If you want to receive your policy faster, ask your financial professional about eDelivery.

What’s next?

Based on the data from your application, Lincoln Financial will issue a policy with the premium pricing and terms clearly specified for you to review with your financial professional. Generally, to put the life insurance policy in place, you will need to sign the policy and pay your first premium or contracted amount.

Dr. Greene
Life insurance should be affordable and available

Hear from the doctor about how we’re making coverage easy and cost-effective—even if you have a family history of certain health conditions.

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Simplifying LIFE

See how Lincoln's digital options can make it easier to apply for life insurance.

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Ready to apply?

Your financial professional will submit the initial application. Need a financial professional?

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 In New York, Lincoln LifeElements® One-year Term and Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term (10-year) will only be available for contractual obligations. Lincoln Financial Group® affiliates, their distributors, and their respective employees, representatives, and/or insurance agents do not provide estate, tax, accounting, or legal advice. Please consult an independent professional as to any tax, accounting, or legal statements made herein.

It is possible coverage will expire when either no premiums are paid following the initial premium, or subsequent premiums are insufficient to continue coverage.