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Leave your mark on the world, minus the taxes

One of the most powerful aspects of your legacy is how it can inspire future generations of your family. Or touch the lives of people who you’ve never met through charitable giving.

It’s about love for your family

You may want to consider using your life insurance to establish a family trust. While your will allows you to distribute assets today, a family trust could make a difference for generations to come. It also enables you to distribute assets either during your lifetime or after you go.

It’s about looking out for others

Outside of your family, what shaped your life the most? It might be your alma mater or church or an organization that you believe could make a bigger difference in the world with a little help from you. Charitable giving is a gift from the heart. A life insurance policy can be set up to designate a charity as your beneficiary, making the gifting process easy.

It all starts with a plan

Working with your financial advisor on legacy planning strategies can turn your wishes into reality. The good news is that it’s never too early or you’re never too young, and it’s never too late to take the steps necessary to establish a legacy that you will pass along with pride.

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