Keep their futures secure

Meet Amanda. She is the breadwinner of her family. In the event that something happens to her, she wants to be sure that her children are cared for and that her husband, Matt has the financial resources to fulfill their dreams for their kids without having to worry about how to support his own retirement years.

Their life insurance solution

As Amanda, and her husband, Matt, evaluate the right life insurance for her, here's how they decided which policy is the right fit:

  • We chose a life insurance policy that would cover our everyday expenses. So, instead of worrying about how to pay bills, Matt can focus on getting through a tough time.

  • Our policy provides a financial resource so that if something happens to me, Matt could continue to stay home with the children.

  • In addition to providing funds for our children’s educations, our policy will give Matt the security of knowing he is supported throughout his life.

Looking for security like Amanda and Matt?

Here are some options to talk about with your financial professional:

  • Term Life
  • Permanent Life

Term Life

Term life policies may be less expensive than permanent life policies and can be tailored to a specific amount of coverage and length of time. People often choose a term that covers their mortgage or the years their children are dependent on them. Protect what matters.

Permanent Life

Permanent life policies may be more expensive than a term policy, but you're able to structure when and how to pay the premium, which allows you to plan around your cash flow. These policies serve double duty, protecting your family’s lifestyle and providing income potential for retirement or in the event of illness. Find out more about a permanent policy.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is to remove some of their financial worries. The right life insurance policy means that even after you’re gone, you’ll still be protecting them.

How much life insurance do you need?

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Life insurance can help grow and protect your business.

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It is possible coverage will expire when either no premiums are paid following the initial premium, or subsequent premiums are insufficient to continue coverage.