Lincoln Variable Insurance Products Trust (LVIP)

From the table below you can access the following regulatory reports for each individual fund:

  • Prospectuses provide key information about a fund's investment objectives and strategies, risks, performance, fees and expenses.
  • Summary prospectuses are condensed versions of the prospectuses.
  • Statement of Additional Information (SAI) provides additional details regarding a fund, including information about strategies, investment restrictions and policies, fund management, and proxy voting guidelines.
  • Shareholder reports summarize fund operations and results and include portfolio summaries and financials. Annual reports review the past fiscal year. Semi-annual reports provide mid-year updates.
  • XBRL files provide risk/return summary information in an interactive data format.

All funds may not be available for investment under your policy or contract.

You can navigate back and forth between a fund's full version Prospectus and SAI directly from each fund's Summary Prospectus through bookmarks.