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Variable universal life insurance

Variable universal life insurance (VUL) combines the protection of term insurance with an accumulation value. It also offers growth potential through investment options and the flexibility to meet your future financial goals.

Variable universal life insurance benefits provide

  • All the benefits of universal life insurance
  • Flexible premiums and death benefits
  • Cash value growth potential based on performance of your market-driven fund allocations
  • Ability to choose where your premiums are invested
  • Multiple tax advantages now and in the future
  • Access to rider options that can help you meet multiple planning goals

Single life insurance products

Survivorship life insurance products

Lincoln VIP Trust insurance products

Performance for products not available for new sales

Single life

AetnaVest II
AetnaVest Plus
American Legacy AssetEdge SM VUL
American Legacy AssetEdge SM VUL (2009)
American Legacy Estate Builder
American Legacy Life (Policy Years 11+)
American Legacy VUL
American Legacy VUL CV-III
American Legacy VUL CV-IV
American Legacy VUL DB-II
American Legacy VUL DB-IV
Emancipator Life
Lincoln AssetEdge ® VUL
Lincoln AssetEdge ® Exec VUL
Lincoln AssetEdge ® VUL (2009)
Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL (2015)
Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL (2019)
Lincoln AssetEdge® Exec VUL (2009)
Lincoln AssetEdge® Exec VUL (2015)
Lincoln AssetEdge® Exec VUL (2019)
Lincoln Ensemble ® I VUL
Lincoln Ensemble ® II VUL
Lincoln Ensemble ® III VUL
Lincoln Ensemble ® Accumulator VUL
Lincoln Ensemble ® Exec VUL
Lincoln Ensemble ® Exec 2006 VUL
Lincoln Ensemble ® Protector VUL
Lincoln MG VUL Elite
Lincoln VUL CV
Lincoln VUL CV-II
Lincoln VUL CV-II Elite
Lincoln VUL CV-III
Lincoln VUL CV-IV
Lincoln VUL DB
Lincoln VUL DB Elite
Lincoln VUL DB-II
Lincoln VUL DB-IV
Lincoln VUL FLEX
Lincoln VUL-1
Lincoln VULONE
Lincoln VULONE 2005
Lincoln VULONE 2007
Lincoln VULONE 2010
Lincoln VULONE 2012
Lincoln VULONE (2014)
Lincoln VULONE (2019)
Lincoln VUL-III
Multi-Fund ® Variable Life

Survivorship life
New York products

With any VUL product, certain fees and costs are involved, including monthly cost of insurance, administrative expense and premium load charges, as well as daily charges on assets invested in the variable subaccounts for mortality and expense risk, and asset management fees. Please consult the prospectus or ask your financial advisor for more detailed information.

* Product availability varies by state. Contact your financial professional for availability in your state.

Variable Universal Life insurance products are issued on contract/policy forms ICC21-VUL689/20-VUL689/ICC21NLER-620/20NLER-620; ICC21-SVUL622/20-SVUL622/ICC21NLER-622/20NLER-622; 22-VUL606, and state variations by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN, and offered through broker-dealers with an effective selling agreement. Products and features are subject to state availability.

After the no-lapse benefit expires or terminates, the accumulation value must be sufficient to keep the policy in force or additional premiums will be required to avoid a policy lapse. This feature may not be available in all states. In Illinois, this provision must be referred to as Coverage Protection.

All guarantees and benefits of the insurance policy are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. They are not backed by the broker-dealer and/or insurance agency selling the policy, or any affiliates of those entities other than the issuing company affiliates, and none makes any representations or guarantees regarding the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

Variable Life insurance products are sold by prospectus. Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the variable product and its underlying investment options carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the variable product and its underlying investment options. Please review the prospectus available online for additional information. Read it carefully before investing.

Policy values will fluctuate and are subject to market risk and to possible loss of principal.

It is possible coverage will expire when either no premiums are paid following the initial premium, or subsequent premiums are insufficient to continue coverage.