Life insurance with Hepatitis C

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Have you been denied coverage?

If so, you’re not alone. One in 30 baby boomers has Hepatitis C, and for years these individuals found themselves unable to get the coverage they needed to protect what’s important in their lives.1 They’ve either been deemed uninsurable or they faced unaffordable rates. 

The good news is now there's a cure for Hepatitis C, and Lincoln Financial – in partnership with MunichRe – offers those who've been successfully treated for the disease better life insurance rates. So ask your advisor how you can get more affordable coverage.


Gwen's story

When Gwen had her daughter in 1985, she needed a blood transfusion. She later learned that she contracted Hepatitis C from that transfusion. As Gwen’s family grew, she wanted to create a legacy for her grandchildren with life insurance, but learned she was uninsurable because of her diagnosis.

After years of treatment, Gwen was eventually cured and able to afford life insurance from Lincoln Financial to build her legacy. 

Tom's story

When Tom was nineteen, he had everything going for him, including a college scholarship. But after minor wisdom teeth surgery, Tom learned he had contracted Hepatitis C.

Tom dreamed of taking control of his father’s engineering firm, but insurability had always been an issue. After years of treatment, Tom was cured of Hepatitis C, and his advisor gave him the good news. Tom was eligible for the insurance coverage needed to protect the family business and his family thanks to Lincoln Financial’s program for Americans who’ve had Hepatitis C.

Approximately 2.7-3.9 million people in the United States have chronic Hepatitis C, most prevalent among the baby boomer population

Did you know?

Many Americans may not understand that numerous baby boomers were exposed to the Hepatitis C virus due to unsafe medical procedures.2

More than half the carriers do not know they have Hepatitis C
Effective treatment options are now available, which may cure more than 85% of cases


Source: "Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer," CDC Fact Sheet, , March 2016


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If you’ve been treated for Hepatitis C, ask your advisor about getting the life insurance coverage you want from Lincoln Financial. Ask your advisor.


Opportunities for lower premiums

Insurability concerns and cost are two of the most common reasons why Americans avoid buying life insurance or additional coverage.

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