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Life insurance

Part of a solid financial plan

If you’re thinking about saving more for your retirement, creating and protecting wealth for your loved ones to enjoy, or gifting to a favorite charity, life insurance can help.

Protect what matters most

For years, you’ve focused on making sure your family had the financial security they needed. Now, as you look forward to the future, your priorities begin to shift. Life insurance can play an important role in helping you accomplish the things you want to achieve. We offer a range of solutions that provide choice, flexibility and coverage options:

  • Term life insurance provides temporary coverage and is a simple, affordable way to protect your loved ones for a specific period of time.
  • Universal life insurance delivers permanent life insurance coverage that allows flexibility to customize your protection level and may offer an opportunity to build cash value in your policy.
  • Variable universal life insurance brings together flexibility with the addition of growth potential. It provides a variety of investment options while providing flexible premium and death benefits.

It’s more than just a death benefit

Beyond providing financial security for your loved ones, life insurance can also offer you:

  • Financial protection for your loved ones or business—to replace income, cover mortgage costs, or fund educational needs in the event of an unexpected loss.
  • Account value growth potential to use as a financial resource—through loans or withdrawals for your personal needs, such as help with education expenses or house remodeling.*
  • Tax-deferred asset protection and accumulation—any increase in cash value of your insurance policy due to investment gains isn’t taxed until you withdraw the money after you retire.*
  • An efficient means of transferring wealth—high pay out and tax- free, these are two of the reasons that life policies make a great vehicle for wealth transfer.
  • A source of funding for a small business—business owners can borrow against the cash value of their policy for a variety of reasons, like helping their business during tough economic times or to pay overhead expenses.*
  • Supplemental retirement income—can provide a stable source of income that is not impacted by market conditions and is a good addition to your retirement strategy.*
  • Protection from long-term care expenses—opportunity for living benefits in the event of a permanent chronic or terminal illness through optional policy riders.


Why Life Insurance?

Have you ever wondered if purchasing life insurance was the right decision for you? Learn how it can provide for your family not only in the future, but throughout your life.

Now's the time

Learn about all of the benefits that come along with purchasing life insurance sooner rather than later.


*Loans and withdrawals will reduce the policy’s cash value and death benefit, may cause the policy to lapse, and may have tax implications.