Affluent investors

Help optimize your tax efficiency and protect your legacy.

What you need to consider now
  • Funding children’s or grandchildren’s educations

  • Maxing out retirement plan options

  • Looking for tax advantages, including gifting strategies

Meet Michael and Tracy

We’re confident in our retirement income plan and have been fortunate enough to have substantial savings. While we would be able to cover the costs of a long-term care event, we would prefer to have a tax-efficient solution to protect our income and the legacy we want to leave our children.

Their long-term care plan

In order to have a tax-efficient strategy, Michael and Tracy added hybrid long-term care funding solutions to their portfolios. If one or both of them needs care, they'll have protected their income stream from tax erosion and faster draw down. If they don’t need care, they'll be able to provide additional legacy to their children.

Ask your financial professional:
  1. How much faster would we spend our savings if we needed to pay for long-term care services?

  2. What would happen to our legacy if one or both of us needs care?

  3. How would our portfolio be impacted if one of us had an extended health event?

Learn how a hybrid funding solution helps optimize your tax efficiency


Issuers: The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and, in NY only, The Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York