Prepare for what’s ahead.

Life-stage considerations
  • Children are out of the house, or maybe finishing college

  • No longer funding 529 educational savings plans

  • Mortgage is paid off

  • May have cared for, or are caring for, aging parents

Meet Tim and Sue

We’re on track with our retirement income plan, and our kids are independent. Recently, we became caregivers for Tim's mom, who had an unforeseen care event. It has been very emotional and more time-consuming than we expected. We want to set aside funds for our own long-term care so that our children won’t need to be responsible for taking care of us.

Their long-term care plan

Tim and Sue worked with their financial professional and identified assets to reposition. They purchased hybrid long-term care funding solutions that included concierge care resources. If they need care, they'll each have income-tax free, long-term care benefits and personalized, complimentary services to help alleviate the emotional and financial strain on their children.

Three questions to discuss with your financial professional:
  1. What is our plan if either of us experience an extended healthcare event?

  2. Which of our retirement income sources or assets could we liquidate to pay for long-term care?

  3. How can we prevent our children from needing to take care of us?

Learn how a hybrid funding solution helps you prepare for what’s ahead


Issuers: The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and, in NY only, The Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York