Protect your income and legacy.

Life-stage considerations
  • Focusing how to protect income streams to last through retirement

  • Looking forward to spending time with family and grandchildren

  • Starting to take required minimum distributions (RMDs)

Meet Jack

Retirement is going great, and I am enjoying spending time with my family. Although I have sufficient retirement savings, I'm unsure that my income stream could sustain a long-term care event. I want to be sure I'm prepared for the unexpected so that I won't strain my loved ones with additional responsibilities.

Jack’s long-term care plan

Jack and his financial professional selected a hybrid long-term-care funding solution that protects his retirement income and legacy from the rising costs of care and tax-inefficiencies. Additionally, his family can rest assured knowing that he has a comprehensive plan in place that will provide dedicated resources and support if he does need care.

Three questions to discuss with your financial professional:
  1. What would happen to my income stream if I need care?

  2. Would I be comfortable having my loved ones change their lifestyles to take care of me?

  3. Would I be able to reposition my assets to cover the cost of extended healthcare event?

Learn how a hybrid funding solution helps protect your income and legacy


Issuers: The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company and, in NY only, The Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York