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Research your investments

To help make educated decisions about the investment options offered by your plan, you may wish to view and research the various funds available to you. 

Investment options offered by your plan

Lincoln provides you with detailed information on each of the investment options offered by your plan:

  • Name of issuer
  • Investment options objective
  • Principal strategy and risk
  • Portfolio turnover rate
  • Investment performance
  • Fee and expense information
  • A glossary of terms

Prior to accessing the information, please verify your plan information.

To verify your plan information, you will need to enter your first and last name, email address, plan ID, and employer ID in the window that opens after you click on the link below. The plan ID and employer ID will be provided to you by your plan sponsor.

Verify your plan information to view investment fund performance, fees & expenses, and plan documents, if applicable to your plan.