Six tips to manage holiday spending

The most wonderful time of the year can get expensive, but these tips can help you rein in holiday spending.

Stick to a budget

Figure out how much you can spend, and stick to it! A budget is a great way to stay out of holiday debt. 


Use coupons and shop sales

Whether in-store or online, great deals are plentiful around the holidays. But don’t impulse buy because something’s on sale—stick to your list!


Give homemade gifts

Loved ones will treasure homemade gifts that don’t break the bank. You may create a family heirloom!


Temporarily trim other expenses

During the holiday season, eat out less frequently, skip the daily coffee, or pause a streaming service or three so you can have extra money for gifts.


Cut back on gift giving

You don’t have to buy gifts for everyone you know. Limit gifts to those closest to you, and spend time instead of money with other family and friends.


Set aside money all year

Save your loose change all year and cash it in when it comes time to buy gifts. Or, set aside extra money in a dedicated savings account every month.


Remember, the holiday season is about good cheer and celebrating with family and friends. Use these tips to keep spending under control so you can fully enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.