Getting A Financial Start

Getting a
financial start

How do you choose a bank, select a credit card, or protect your income and your savings? Take a look at these finance basics.

Protecting your money

How secure is your money in a bank or credit union? How safe are your retirement savings? And what can you do to protect yourself when you transact online? Get tips for keeping your money safe.

Banks versus credit unions

Where should you put your money so it’s easy to access for daily cash flow needs, but also secure for savings? Learn how banks and credit unions differ.

Credit and debit cards

Both credit and debit cards are good for tracking spending, helping you budget and save for the future. But there are some important differences. See how they’re different.

Managing debt
Managing debt

Smart spending habits can help you control and pay off debts while staying on track for retirement. Watch this video on managing debt.

Creating an emergency fund

Could you fund your basic expenses if you were injured or out of work for a while? How much should you save, and what priority should you place on the fund? Learn how to create an emergency fund.