Now You're Talking

This year, conversations have been lasting 33% longer.* Families are talking more than ever. And Lincoln Financial believes every conversation with a loved one is a good one. So find time to talk about your financial plans. Because the more we talk, the better we plan, protect and retire.

Start the conversation by asking the right questions:

  • Savings & retirement
  • Planning for the unexpected
  • Aging & legacy planning

Will we be able to retire?

How much money will we need and what age will we be?

Can we still save for retirement with all of our day-to-day expenses?

In retirement, how will we be able to support our lifestyle without a regular paycheck?

Do we have enough life insurance at this stage of our lives?

What happens if one of us were to get seriously ill or injured and could no longer work?

What would our work benefits cover?

If one of us were to die unexpectedly, how would the family deal with the loss of our income?

Do our parents have enough money to last their lifetimes?

Will they be a financial burden on us?

If one of us needs long-term care, how would we pay for it?

What kind of legacy do we want to leave for our loved ones? And will we be able to do it?

*Via New York Times for Verizon Wireless