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Plan for the

When you plan for retirement, it's smart to consider the lifestyle you want to live in the years ahead. Factor in enough income and savings to help address unexpected expenses. 

What are your top financial concerns?

A survey of those approaching or in retirement revealed that their primary financial issues are:

  • Healthcare expenses
  • Adequate savings to live comfortably
  • Costs associated with nursing home or adult day care*

Did you know?

Now that people are living longer, many individuals have seen relatives, loved ones or friends face expenses they may not have prepared for.

In fact, 46% of Americans surveyed said they or someone close to them had a personal experience of needing nursing home care.* 

What if you needed care?

There are certain expenses that traditional health insurance may not cover. So, when you’re planning your financial future, consider preparing for these costs.

*2016 Lincoln Long-Term Care Awareness Study,” conducted by Lincoln Financial Group and Zeldis Research, July 2016. For a printed copy, call 877-ASK-LINCOLN.