Preparing to Retire

Preparing to retire

You have a lot to consider when you're getting close to retirement. How prepared are you? Let us help you walk through many of the decisions you will need to make.

Deciding when to retire

How do you know when you're ready?

You may be nearing the time when you can start to picture the next big step in your life. Consider these facts about when to retire.

How long do you need to work?

Before you pick your retirement date, you’ll want to know if you can retire comfortably now or if you need to work longer. Consider the best time to retire.

Playing catch-up

If you’re age 50 or older, you may need to catch up on your retirement goals by saving a little more. Learn how you can catch up


Take practical steps to prepare as early as 18 months before you retire.
Use this checklist to cover the bases.

Creating your retirement income strategy

Developing your strategy

Figuring out how and when you take your income in retirement can make a big difference. Plan your income strategy.

Planning for expenses in retirement

Calculating your expenses now can help you avoid overspending once you retire. Get tips on estimating your expenses. 

Retirement income sources

You might be counting on Social Security, Medicare or a pension to cover a large part of your income needs and healthcare costs in retirement. Consider how these sources may change

Accounting for Social Security

Before you pick your retirement date, you’ll want to know if you can retire comfortably now, or if you need to work a little longer. Learn how Social Security affects you.

Taxes and retirement

How you make your contributions today can have a big impact on your income in retirement. Understand how taxes affect you now and in retirement.

Don't Overlook Healthcare

Healthcare costs are one of retirement's biggest expenses. Make plans to address these future costs now.

Distribution options when retiring

Understand the three potential actions you can take with your retirement plan assets when you retire. Read more.

Preparing to Retire
Managing distributions in retirement

When you retire, will you leave your plan balance where it is, roll it over or withdraw it? Learn how your decision can affect your account growth, your taxes and your retirement resources.