Managing your portfolio

Managing your portfolio

Periodically reviewing your investments can help you manage your portfolio and help you achieve your savings goals. 

Staying on track during market ups and downs

There are effective ways to manage the effects on your portfolio from big market swings. Learn how to protect yourself from market volatility.

Managing Your Portfolio
Interest rate fluctuations

Interest rates affect the cost of borrowing money and can boost or hinder the growth of your retirement savings. 

Asset allocation tips

This strategy for balancing your savings among stocks, bonds and cash investments is one of the most important decisions you can make after choosing how much to save. Participation in an asset allocation program or a rebalancing program doesn't guarantee performance or protect against loss. Learn about asset allocation.

Diversifying your portfolio

When you diversify, you invest in a variety of asset classes to help balance risk and return. Learn about diversification.

Rebalancing your portfolio

Market changes can alter your allocations and take you off track, making it harder to meet your investment goals. Learn about rebalancing your account.

Choosing a financial professional

Choosing a qualified advisor is your first step to creating and maintaining a sound financial plan. Learn how to find the right advisor.

Inflation and your retirement savings

The amount you spend on necessities today could double or triple by the time you retire, affecting your buying power. Learn how inflation can affect you in retirement.