Hospital indemnity insurance

Why hospital indemnity insurance?

With a hospital indemnity insurance plan from Lincoln Financial Group, employers can offer employees protection against hardships due to hospitalizations.

Our hospital indemnity plan pays a lump sum when an employee or covered family member is admitted or confined to the hospital or ICU for an illness or injury. We offer flexible plans with a variety of benefit options, making it easy for you to add affordable supplemental health insurance to your existing benefits and to best meet the needs of your company and its most valuable assets — your employees. Learn more about this valuable benefit.

What makes our hospital indemnity product different?

We focus on a full range of needs such as:

Mental disorder and substance abuse treatment benefits
Covers confinement as an inpatient for a mental disorder or in a substance abuse treatment facility.        Learn more about this valuable benefit.

Health assessment benefit

Provides coverage for one test* or screening per year, from a wide variety of choices. Includes infectious disease-related tests such as those for COVID-19 (antibody and viral testing), as well as immunizations, vitamin D screening, behavioral tests, prenatal counseling, and screening tests for mental disorders and substance abuse. Employers can choose to provide their employees with more than one annual test under their health assessment benefit.  Learn more about this valuable benefit.

NICU Admission and NICU Confinement enhancement benefits

If an employee’s premature newborn is admitted and/or confined to an ICU or NICU for care or treatment, their payout percentage will be increased.  Learn more about this valuable benefit.

And our flexible plan design makes it easy for you

To build your plan, simply choose one of the hospital benefits (admission or confinement) and then pick from a wide range of features and benefits to meet your workplace’s needs. You can select one of the suggested plan designs or customize your own benefit amounts and number of days covered.


*Employers can select up to two tests per year.

*Subject to state availability.