May is Disability Insurance
Awareness Month

Two essential issues: disability and mental health

In May, we focus on two important areas of awareness for companies and their employees – the value of disability insurance and the significance of mental health in the workplace.  

Disability Insurance Awareness Month 

What happens when disability strikes? It doesn’t just cause a loss of income now … it can also mean a loss of retirement savings for later. Disability insurance helps employees protect their current and future financial security.  

Mental Health Month

Now more than ever, it’s essential to reduce the stigma and raise awareness about mental health issues. Discover how employers can offer a full range of support services that help employees prevent, identify and address mental health issues in the workplace with the following resources:

Lincoln Absence Advisor podcast: Disability through the HR Lens 

Avoiding the Problem of Avoided Care (PDF)

Lincoln Leads podcast: The Autonomy Paradox  – solving the stress and mental challenges of telework 

The Council for Disability Awareness fact sheet