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Employee enrollment, support and education

Because no two employees have the same needs, Lincoln offers employers solid and varied options specific to each employee’s unique situation and stage in life.

Employee-paid products

Lincoln provides a comprehensive selection of employee-paid products and services, accompanied by employee education and enrollment assistance to help them understand and appreciate their benefit choices.

Employers can assemble a benefit package that’s the right fit for your company. And employees can confidently choose the benefits that are the right fit for their lives.

Enrollment and implementation

  • Trained benefit counselors
  • Flexible enrollment options
  • Quick, efficient implementation 

Employee education and communication

  • Calculators, videos, games and other tools that help employees understand the importance of group benefits
  • Multifaceted campaigns designed to increase awareness and encourage participation
  • Material that reaches employees no matter where, when or how they work
  • Group and one-on-one meeting information sessions

Service and support

  • Online claims management and bill payment
  • Prompt claims processing and customer service
  • Integrated short-term and long-term disability claims management that proactively identifies potential long-term disability claims
  • Intelligent call routing that directs calls to the best resource

We resolve to get answers to customers' questions the first time they call, with the first person they reach.

Empower your employees

Employers can empower employees with options they value and need.

  • 75% of employees agree that the benefits information their employer provides helps them make informed decisions.1
  • 52% of Lincoln’s new sales are employee-paid products.2

12017 Employee Benefits Study, Lincoln Financial Group
22014 Year-end sales results, based on premium sold.