Addressing mental health in the workplace

Mental health illnesses are often referred to as “invisible” illnesses. They don’t show up on a blood test or require crutches.

But they are common in today’s society and can have a huge impact on employee wellness and productivity.

Did you know?

  • Significant mental health illness affects almost one in five employees, costing employers over $80 billion annually, mostly due to lost productivity and absenteeism.
  • Anxiety, depression and substance abuse account for over 8% of all long-term disability claims.
  • Only 14% of insured mental health patients receive care that meets best practice guidelines.
Workplace Mental Health: Research on Preventing Lost Productivity & Work Disability

In this DMEC @work article, Lincoln’s Scientific Advisor and Chief Medical Officer team up with the CEO of the American Insurance Trust to explore why so many people don’t get the mental health assistance they need, and how employers can help overcome the barriers to effective treatment. They cite the results of scientific investigations and focus on the specific treatments, healthcare delivery options and return-to-work strategies that are most effective. Find out more. (PDF)

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