401(k) plan sponsor clients are looking to recruit, retain and reward employees.

Meet Erika
  • Chief human resources officer (CHRO) at a large employer
  • 401(k) plan

What she thinks about as CHRO

  • Offering an industry-leading plan with a variety of high-quality investment choices and strategies
  • Streamlining enrollment, making it easy for participants to take action
  • Providing a plan that allows flexibility for both age-based investments and participant-directed investing
  • Rewarding high-value employees
  • Providing support for near-retirement planning and access to guidance post-retirement
  • Adapting to changing economic conditions
  • Administering a plan and the workload it requires

Questions to uncover the opportunity

  • Does your current plan provide the level of personalized support you require?
  • Do you feel that your current plan's technology is a good match for your company and your employees? 
  • Does your current plan offer socially responsible investments? Have your employees requested investments or strategies that aren’t available? Are you satisfied with the investment options in your current plan?
  • How receptive are your employees to plan communications? Do they receive the information in a way that suits their needs?