Existing client

Are your clients’ current retirement plans meeting their needs?

A plan review can help give your clients a complete picture of their offerings — the good and the bad — and help determine what solutions will fit their needs over time:

  • Take a pulse check on service and support.
  • Analyze key performance indicators.
  • Benchmark fees.
  • Conduct compliance and fiduciary due diligence.
  • Review investments, asset allocations, and participation rates.

Depending on what you find, you can fine-tune the plan together, or you may even put it out for bid. Either way, your clients will appreciate your dedication to their satisfaction.

Meet Jamie
  • HR manager
  • Focused on time and cost savings, managing risk, and satisfying participant needs

What she thinks about as a decision-maker

  • Maximizing efficiencies and protecting her department’s time
  • Reducing fees, where possible
  • Ensuring that the individuals enrolled in the plan are getting the support they need
  • Meeting fiduciary obligations

Questions to start the conversation

Now that we’ve been working with your recordkeeper for some time:

  • What feedback are you hearing from your employees?
  • What are your thoughts on the level of service you’re getting?
  • Are there any costs you weren’t expecting?
  • How has the plan’s administration been? Is it saving you time? Taking your attention away from other tasks?
  • Do you feel up to date on the compliance side?

Why Lincoln is the right partner

  • We’ll take administrative tasks off your client’s plate, making their job as easy as possible.
  • We’ll answer employees’ questions, keep them informed, and encourage action.
  • We’ll give your client the flexibility to choose the level of guidance, advice, and fiduciary protection they need.
  • We’ll inspire confidence in the decision to switch to Lincoln.