Retirement plan sponsors in the healthcare industry want a provider that can offer personal service and increase participant engagement and deferral rates.

Lincoln Financial and healthcare

  • $27.5billion in assets1
  • 540,000+ participants in healthcare
  • 5,000+ retirement plans
Meet Jane
  • CFO at a regional healthcare system
  • 4,500+ employees
  • 403(b) and 457(b) plans
  • Assets: $220M

What she thinks about as CFO

  • Recruiting and retaining talented doctors
  • Minimizing compliance risk
  • Minimizing plan and administrative costs
  • Valuing staff to increase retention and engagement

Questions to uncover the opportunity

  • What is your primary concern with your current plans?
  • What are you doing to increase enrollment and participation?
  • What’s the priority for the physician/owners?
  • How do you deal with discrimination testing?
  • Where do you see opportunities for improvement?

See some of our healthcare success stories

  • Driving successful outcomes

    Lincoln worked with the plan’s consultant to increase participation and deferrals through plan design changes and personal participant support. 

  • Leading in an evolving market

    Experience with mergers and acquisitions allowed Lincoln to lower costs, improve administrative efficiency and drive participant outcomes.

  • Delivering a stable value solution

    Lincoln provided an investment only solution for a new client with a competitive guaranteed minimum interest rate (GMIR) and crediting rate. 

1Lincoln Financial Book of Business, 4Q 2020.