401(a) plans, with their mandatory participant contributions, often seek a streamlined participant experience and retirement income that lasts a lifetime.

Meet Bob
  • Chief human resources officer (CHRO) at a large trade union
  • 4,000 members
  • 401(a) plan

What he thinks about as CHRO

  • Offering his employees quality investments
  • Choosing a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) from a slate of options
  • Streamlining enrollment, making it easy for participants to take action
  • Treating all employees equally
  • Keeping his members happy up to and through retirement
  • Providing guaranteed retirement income

Questions to uncover the opportunity

  • What are your pain points with your current plan?
  • Are you satisfied with investment options in your current plan?
  • Are you receiving the guarantees you feel are appropriate?
A range of risk-controlled options

From in-plan guarantees to YourPath® target date + risk portfolios, we have the products you need to compete in the union market.

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Consider group 401(k) solutions

Your trade organization clients may not be aware of the service they can offer small-business owners by sponsoring a multiple employer plan (MEP) or a multiple employer aggregation program (MEAP).

Understand the benefits of MEP and MEAP