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Retirement industry 

Today's proactive retirement advisors seek industry research and insights to help power a better retirement outcome for plan sponsors and their participants. We’re pleased to share our knowledge and experience along with the insights of industry thought leaders.

  • A person working on a tablet and a smart phone
    Participant engagement

    Engage with participants who worry about cybersecurity

    Article | 1 min

  • many people sitting across a table
    Plan design and compliance

    Use Legg Mason insights about plan committees to reduce fiduciary risk

    Article  |  3 min

  • A group wearing suits
    Practice management

    Master client reviews using Legg Mason insights

    Article  |  3 mins

  • Man with a push pin
    Plan design & compliance

    Who procrastinates filing taxes, why, and what does it mean?

    Article  |  3 mins

  •  People working with a computer and calculator
    Plan design & compliance

    The value of in-plan retirement income options vs. retail

    Article  |  3 mins

  • Evaluating cybersecurity program
    Plan design & compliance

    5 steps to evaluate cybersecurity program maturity

    Slideshow  |  3 min

  • Server room
    Participant engagement

    Protecting retirement plan data

    Infographic  |  3 min

  • Research & insights
    Financial wellness

    Help Gen X with financial wellness and retirement​

    Article  |  3 mins

  • Graduation day.
    Participant engagement

    Now’s the time to start helping Gen Z

    Article I 1 min

  • Older couple speaking with a representative.

    Help make retirement income last.

    Article Series  |  Three articles 

  • A hand touching a calculator.
    Marketplace perspective

    Retirement healthcare expenses: Belief vs. reality

    Article  |  2 min

  • Man in a charcoal suit with red tie looking up the stairs.
    Marketplace perspective

    Five tips to help your healthcare employees retire better

    Video  |  2 min

  • An american flag in front an old building with columns.
    Research & insights

    4,100 government plan sponsors told us what they want


  • Many traffic roads intersecting.
    Marketplace perspective

    Is it time to consolidate your 457 governmental plan? 

    Video  |  2 min

  • stethoscope
    Research & insights

    Better serve plan sponsors in healthcare