Assessing plan health

How do your clients know if their retirement plans are healthy? Data. Data can be essential to setting and meeting plan goals.

The right data can guide plan design decisions to boost plan health and target participants with tailored programs to increase retirement readiness. Use these five strategies to deliver useful data to plan sponsors.

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Deliver key metrics

Key metrics and year-over-year trend data help plan sponsors effectively gauge plan health and identify areas of need. Segmenting by income level, age group and gender can make it easier to target participants with communication and education efforts. 


Common Metrics

Emerging Metrics

Future Metrics

  • Retirement readiness
  • Plan demographics
  • Participant rates
  • Deferral rates
  • Diversification
  • Account balances
  • Year-over-year trend data
  • Auto-program results
  • Enrollment meeting attendance
  • Online utilization
  • Employer match calculation
  • Overall retirement industry
  • Peer benchmarks by industry
    sector or plan size
  • Interactive data mining
  • Interactive scenario planning
  • Participant rates
  • Deferral rates
  • Diversification
  • Account balances



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Provide benchmarks

Peer-to-peer and similar industry benchmarks allow plan sponsors to see how they’re doing compared to plans like their own.

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Deliver the information in person and online

In-person delivery encourages strategic discussion so you can answer questions. Online delivery satisfies the need for real-time data and lets plan sponsors explore the details, paving the way for them to use data as an everyday tool for better decisions. 

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Provide recommendations

Your recommendations are critical. Help your clients make strategic use of the data by identifying areas of opportunity. Consider using communications to target specific groups of employees whose savings rates aren’t high enough to achieve retirement readiness. Or you might suggest adding auto enrollment to the plan to boost participation rates. 

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Take action!

Work with your clients to use the data to aid decision-making and design strategies that can help them achieve their goals. Year-over-year trend data demonstrates progress. Use the data to celebrate accomplishments and set new goals.  


Contact your Lincoln representative to learn how our plan health reporting options can help you and your clients make strategic decisions to improve plan health.

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