Help Millennials achieve financial confidence

Many Millennials are overwhelmed by debt and don’t feel in control of their lives. While technology is important in reaching this audience, a great opportunity exists to help them with personal guidance.

What keeps Millennials up at night?

Millennials’ top concern is student loan debt, and 70% of this generation who are paying off student loans say they aren’t managing the process very well.1 That isn’t their only financial challenge. Only 33% have a retirement account, and 74% say immediate payments make it hard to save for retirement. They also feel less in control of their lives right now than any other generation.

Feel in control of your life?

64% of millennials

How is Lincoln Financial helping Millennials?

Technology is vital in reaching Millennials. They get their financial advice via online search more than other generations.

Source of advice for financial planning = online search3 

39% of millennials

Our website offers regularly updated content relevant to early, mid-, and late career workers, so Millennials—and all generations—can find information and tools that fit their stage of life.

How can advisors help Millennials?

Millennials value personal guidance and often turn to parents (55%), friends (31%), and other family (29%) when they need help with financial planning.4 However, only 23% cite a financial advisor as a source of advice.5  

Seize this area of opportunity to become a trusted resource who can help them manage their finances now and throughout their careers. Help them:

  • Manage paying off debt while saving for their future and other financial goals
  • Understand how time is on their side so small contributions now can add up over the long run
  • Achieve the confidence and optimism about the future that everyone deserves

1Lincoln Financial Group, MOOD of America Study, 2016.



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