Personalized financial wellness tool success

See how one plan sponsor successfully rolled out a financial wellness tool and helped improve participant financial health.

A focus on employee financial health

An accounting firm wanted to reduce participant financial stress and boost financial wellness. They also wanted to offer a cutting-edge tool to new hires and prospective talent. They looked to Lincoln WellnessPATH® to provide the solution.

Making it easy to take action

Lincoln WellnessPATH® is an online financial wellness tool participants can access from within their retirement accounts. To make it easy for them to take action, the tool is personalized, actionable, and simple. Participants receive wellness scores, along with specific steps to create a plan for meeting their financial goals and improving their overall financial wellness.

The client was excited about the enhanced budgeting features that can take employees to the next level of financial wellness. Participants are encouraged to link outside accounts to get a complete financial picture and analyze their net worth.

Multichannel support for rollout

The Lincoln relationship manager provided onboarding materials and conducted webinars. The client worked closely with Lincoln on an email campaign and an incentive program, led by their Human Resources department. Participants who used the tool to complete action items, such as completing the questionnaire or creating a to-do or a goal, were entered into a prize drawing.

Participants engage with financial wellness tool

Employees responded positively to the rollout. 28% of the client’s web-registered participants have signed up for Lincoln WellnessPATH®. Of those:

  • 56% came from Lincoln onboarding efforts — 35% from the outreach campaign and 21% from webinars
  • 24% have set or created a goal
  • 18% have completed at least one to-do
  • 32% have linked an outside account

These employees have learned about investing, saving, and budgeting. They’ve also gained an understanding of their financial status, set goals, and improved their financial management skills.

Lincoln WellnessPATH®

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