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Support for consultants and advisors

At Lincoln, we’re committed to helping each participant achieve their retirement goals. We support their journey by leveraging tools and solutions that drive positive outcomes for you, your clients and their participants.

Driving positive outcomes      

Jamie Ohl, president of Retirement Plan Services at Lincoln Financial Group, discusses how our high-touch model and the power of technology can help drive positive outcomes. Read more.

Enhancing client service

We know the key drivers of satisfaction are reliability, trust, partnerships and innovation, all of which make it easier for you and your clients to do business with us. See how we’re enhancing the service and outcomes of our common clients. Support for your business.


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Committed to you

Our service supports positive outcomes for plan sponsors and participants. Explore our interactive experience.

The power of personal

Lincoln believes that building strong, personal relationships with consultants and plan sponsors helps drive engagement and better outcomes.

Meet our team


An account manager discusses her role at Lincoln and working with consultants and advisors to streamline plan administration.
Meet Tracy Berning

Meet a senior retirement plan design consultant

A senior consultant discusses her role at Lincoln and how she designs plans to help plan sponsors meet their goals while staying in compliance.
Meet Allison Diamond

Meet an implementation partner

An implementation partner discusses her role at Lincoln, smooth retirement plan transitions and strong consultant relationships.
Meet Suja Joseph


A relationship manager discusses how forming relationships with consultants and advisors helps make an impact with plan sponsors and participants.
Meet Julie Kruser


A communications consultant discusses collaboration with consultants and advisors, and how delivering tailored solutions helps meet client needs.
Meet Mary Morley


A retirement consultant discusses how she helps drive better retirement outcomes for plan participants.
Meet Paige Leonard

Success stories

See how Lincoln creates measurable positive impacts for our clients.

Case studies

Elevating it to the next level

See how Lincoln used a personal touch and revamped plan design to help a client increase participation and deferral rates.
Read the case study

Benefiting from long-term teamwork

A strong relationship allowed Lincoln to help a client improve participants’ retirement readiness.
Read the case study

Earning trust

A Lincoln retirement consultant went to great lengths to assist employees and increase engagement in a government law enforcement plan.
Read the case study

Streamlining processes

Lincoln decreases the administrative burden of an airport management organization’s retirement plan by automating several manual processes.
Read the case study