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We focus on providing you, your clients and their participants the tools that drive better retirement outcomes and give you the support needed to grow your business. 

The participant website

Our participant secure website is designed to drive satisfaction, confidence and retirement outcomes.  The responsive design provides an optimal viewing experience on any device participants choose — desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Our Retirement Income Estimator and Click2Contribute features make it easy for participants to check their retirement status and take action.

Plan Dashboard video
The participant web experience

Our easy-to-use participant site encourages participants to take action.

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Financial wellness

Financial wellness is about giving participants the tools and confidence to make smarter decisions in every aspect of their lives. When day-to-day concerns are addressed, participants can focus on larger, long-term goals like retirement.

Lincoln understands that every participant has a different picture of his or her retirement, so we designed multiple paths to help plan sponsors provide the flexibility participants need on their journeys toward financial wellness.

  • Actionable web content
  • Actionable web content + one-on-one support
  • Actionable web content + one-on-one support + personalized online tool

For those who want immediate help with everyday budgeting, goal setting and prioritization, Lincoln WellnessPATHSM can help them understand and improve their financial state right now.

Wellness path video
Lincoln WellnessPATHSM

Our personalized, online tool provides actionable steps to improve participant financial health.

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The plan sponsor experience

Lincoln believes in outcome-based measurements. We give your plan sponsors a closer look at key program features, with a focus on boosting participants’ overall retirement readiness score.

We are focused on:

  • Driving better participant outcomes via more robust reporting on current plan progress
  • Benchmarking plan sponsors against their peers
  • Providing plan sponsors with expanded on-demand access and analysis of individual plan participant data, plus perspective on the overall participant landscape
  • Enabling Lincoln relationship management with the technology and support to proactively deliver solutions


The plan health dashboard

Our streamlined dashboard design gives you the plan health information you need at a glance.

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One-on-one support

According to our research, 66% of participants say in-person meetings are the best way to motivate them to take positive actions.1 Lincoln provides participants the tools they need to meet when and how they want. By tracking and measuring our personal interactions with participants, we can report results to you and plan sponsors and demonstrate how Lincoln moves the needle for both plans and participants. Our tools include:

  • RC Impact Report, which measures the value a retirement consultant (RC) adds to your plan and compares the results of participants who do and don’t interact with an RC
  • Click2Meet, an online scheduling system participants use to set up meetings with their retirement consultants, which also shows plan sponsors the demand for RC meetings

One-on-one communication drives results

3 times

more motivated by face-to-face meetings1

98% satisfaction

overall with plan2

Nearly 2 times

the industry average participant account balances3


72 percent

more participants contribute to the match4

Fiduciary solutions

Our fiduciary solutions help you navigate complex requirements with confidence and accuracy. Lincoln provides you with access to Morningstar Investment Management LLC. Morningstar Investment Management LLC acknowledges its role as fiduciary within the Morningstar Insight Series and LifeSpanSM custom portfolio service, providing additional resources and different levels of fiduciary support.


1 Lincoln Retirement Power® Participant Engagement Study, 2015
2 2016 Lincoln Financial Plan Participant Satisfaction Program
3 2015 Lincoln Financial Plan Participant Satisfaction Program
4 2015 Lincoln Financial Plan Participant Satisfaction Program

Retirement industry insights
Retirement industry insights

Deliver a superior experience to plan sponsors and power better retirement outcomes for participants.

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