Meet a relationship manager

See how relationship managers work with consultants and advisors and make an impact with plan sponsors and participants.

Q: What's the relationship manager role at Lincoln?

A: Relationship managers work with many Lincoln colleagues to bring a complete retirement plan experience to their clients. The depth of the team helps them deliver solutions for current needs and position the plan for continued growth and streamlined administration.

Q: How do they work with their teams?

A: Recently, a large 403(b) healthcare client with assets of $50 million had difficulty getting long-term employees to engage with the plan. The consultant worked with the relationship manager and Lincoln representatives to make the campaign a collaborative success. We used a tailored plan design and communication solution: auto enrollment for existing employees and a large-scale communication effort to explain plan participation benefits to all employees. The consultant helped the client choose investments for the auto-enrolled employees, and the result was a dramatic increase in participation by long-term employees.

Q: What's a typical day like for relationship managers?

A: A typical day for relationship managers is dictated by their clients' needs. Relationship managers reach out to plan sponsors to discuss plan design changes, participant education campaigns, upcoming regulatory deadlines or changes, or news that may impact the retirement industry and their plans. They also send proactive communications to consultants, which allows the plan consultant and relationship manager to have a deeper, team-based conversation with the client about whether it's beneficial to change plan provisions.

Q: How do they help plan sponsors and consultants drive better outcomes?

A: They provide an optimized plan design and a tailored communication plan for both the employer and the employees. Each specific demographic receives a message with customized content and delivery. Executing on all those levels can start moving the needle toward desired outcomes.

When the consultant and plan sponsor stretch the match formula to increase the number of plan contributors, relationship managers provide data on the number of people in the plan who deferred to the match limit, but never increased past that level. It helps the client see how plan design decisions effect how employees save.

Q: How do relationship managers build and maintain great relationships with their clients?

A: They're available, highly responsive, and ready to engage with clients and their consultants to bring proactive solutions to the plan. Every retirement committee loves to hear that their employees save at a higher rate than the industry benchmark — and each relationship manager feels satisfied to have played a role in driving those outcomes.

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