Connecting to cultivate loyalty

Clients who feel emotionally connected are twice as valuable as highly satisfied clients.1

But are the typical things you do to help your clients save, grow and protect their money enough to cultivate client loyalty and grow a practice of distinction? The most successful advisors know how to deepen client relationships and connect with them through collaborative and meaningful conversations.

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Conversations that matter

Clients count on you to help them feel well-prepared and confident about their retirement income plan. By exploring the issues that matter most to them, you’ll be able to better anticipate their income needs and provide proactive recommendations to protect what’s most important to their retirement.

Staying invested for retirement

Do you have clients who want to protect their assets, but they need to stay invested to keep their retirement income goals on track? Knowing it’s possible to have growth opportunity combined with a level of protection may help them feel more comfortable with their retirement income plan.

Moving from saving to spending

Do you have clients who have invested in an IRA or qualified account, and plan to use those savings to cover their living expenses in retirement? Understanding they can both satisfy RMD requirements AND have a source of protected lifetime income helps to add more certainty to their retirement income plan.

Adding certainty with protected lifetime income

Do you have clients worried about running out of money in retirement? Adding a source of protected monthly income to their plan can help them feel more confident about their expenses and lifestyle in retirement.

Preparing for taxes in retirement

Do you have clients concerned about how taxes will impact their retirement income? Having a comprehensive financial plan that includes tax strategies to help increase income in retirement can help clients feel confident that they’re on the right track.

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