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With 4,518,758 baby boomers looking to replace their paychecks as they reach retirement age in 2024, the income planning opportunity is big.4

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Clients focused on saving

$19.4 trillion is being held on the sidelines by apprehensive investors.1

Many clients approaching retirement want to protect their assets, but they need to stay invested to keep their retirement income goals on track. For them, consider strategies where they have access to market gains while reducing some of the downside risk.

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Clients focused on spending

Nearly $22 trillion retirement assets in play as baby boomers and Generation X coexist in retirement.2

Clients in or near retirement want more income certainty when replacing their paycheck after they stop working. They may want to consider diversifying their retirement portfolio by allocating a portion of their assets to generate protected lifetime income.

Having the conversation - We can help you talk to your clients about how to turn their savings into income.

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Clients focused on giving

$68 trillion will be passed on, and 85% plan to give their money to heirs in the form of a legacy.3

Many clients want to leave a legacy while getting protected income in retirement. These clients may want to consider a retirement plan that can help them do both.

Having the conversation - We can help you talk to your clients about protecting their income and their legacy.

Keep the conversation going

Helping clients at every stage of retirement income planning will help them feel more confident about their plan, help you grow your business and strengthen your relationships.

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