Happy woman

Meet Michelle, “The Saver”

This client needs to keep growing her money before retirement, but she’s afraid a setback in the markets will delay her plans.

Michelle’s financial professional has shown her that she needs to keep saving in order to retire with enough money to maintain her lifestyle. Michelle is invested in the market, but she is wary of market volatility and calls her financial professional sometimes to discuss moving her investments out of the market altogether.

Michelle’s financial professional wants to help her be more realistic about her need to grow her investments while addressing her emotional need for greater income certainty.

Three questions to start the conversation:

  • What are your greatest motivators for saving for retirement?
  • How do you feel about retirement now that you’re getting closer to your target date?
  • How would you feel about investing in the markets if you knew a percentage would be protected from losses?

Do you have clients like Michelle?

  • To give clients a level of protection from market downturns, check out an indexed variable annuity.
  • To keep clients off the sidelines when they need to keep growing their money, give them dependable growth potential without market exposure through a fixed or fixed indexed annuity.
  • To help clients keep moving toward their retirement income goals with more certainty, give them a variable annuity with optional benefits (at an additional cost) for protected growth.