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Trust planning for families touched by special needs can be a uniquely fulfilling opportunity within your practice.

I’ve talked before about how trust planning can be helpful to families in all kinds of ways. But for some families, especially those with children or loved ones who experience special needs, the help really goes the extra mile.

When you encounter a family with a child who has special needs, you have the chance to help them plan for that child’s financial future – and guide them through what can be a very rewarding process. Parents, grandparents, even aunts, uncles and siblings may come together to build resources in a structured trust with income to help ensure the child is cared for over his or her life.

I know firsthand from my own family that your work will be valuable not only financially but also emotionally when you engage with these families. And a good client experience can open the door to referrals among close-knit communities of clients in similar situations. It can also help you build relationships with attorneys and other centers of influence who specialize in helping families touched by these special situations.

Listen to the audioclip below and think about families you know who may be helped by a trust of this kind. Then contact a Lincoln representative for more information on trust planning.

Listen to Special needs trusts or read the transcript. (PDF)


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Michael R. Harris, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CFS®, CES®,  is vice president of Sales for Lincoln Financial Distributors. Since 1999, Mike has helped financial professionals gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding income distribution planning. He joined Lincoln in 1990 as a securities trader and led the creation of the bond trading desk. In 1992, Mike transitioned into a Regional Life Marketing Director in support of Lincoln’s life insurance products and soon after began working closely with American Funds Distributors to start Lincoln’s American Legacy sales team. 

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