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Let’s talk about trust

Knowing why and how to engage in trust planning brings value to your clients and your business.

During almost 30 years of working with clients, one thing I’ve learned is that clients care more about their families – and the lives they want to live with them – than the financial strategies advisors suggest to help them get there.

That knowledge is what inspires me to find new ways to help people take care of their families and achieve their goals in life, together. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably committed your life to doing the same thing.

So in this first post, I want to talk to you about a topic I encounter a lot – trust planning. Why do it? How can it help families maintain their lifestyle get along better and leave the legacy they want? And how can taking the time to plan trusts with your clients benefit your business so you can keep doing what you love?

Take a few minutes to listen to the audio clip below where I explain why trust planning is valuable to your clients and your business. Then contact your Lincoln representative to get more guidance on trust planning within your practice.

Listen to Why work with trusts? or read the transcript. (PDF)


About the author

Michael Harris

Michael R. Harris, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CFS®, CES®,  is vice president of Sales for Lincoln Financial Distributors. Since 1999, Mike has helped financial professionals gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding income distribution planning. He joined Lincoln in 1990 as a securities trader and led the creation of the bond trading desk. In 1992, Mike transitioned into a Regional Life Marketing Director in support of Lincoln’s life insurance products and soon after began working closely with American Funds Distributors to start Lincoln’s American Legacy sales team. 

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