Helping clients through uncertainty

A positive approach to (un)certainty

How do top financial professionals respond to crisis? They reach out.

While these times may be uncertain, they bring the opportunity to help your clients bring back feelings of control and strengthen your relationships for the long term.

Financial professionals who were the most active in communicating with their clients during the 2008–09 recession received an elevated level of referrals over time.*

Get the conversation started with these relevant topics:

Embracing confidence amid uncertainty: A guide

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Stability during (un)stable markets

“How can I protect my savings from this volatility?”

Saving-focused clients may be concerned that their retirement plans are at risk with every market movement. For them, consider strategies where they have access to market gains while reducing some of the downside risk.

Having the conversation
We can help you talk to them about adding stability during an (un)stable market.

Predictable income for (un)predictable times

“How can I protect my monthly income when rates are so low?”

Spending-focused clients may worry about how they can maintain their lifestyle in retirement. They may want to consider diversifying their retirement portfolio by allocating a portion of their assets to generate protected lifetime income.

Having the conversation
We can help you talk to your clients about creating predictable income during (un)predictable times.

Protect the (un)protected

“How can I protect my legacy from taxes?”

Giving-focused clients may be concerned that the legacy they hope to leave their loved ones could be vulnerable to taxes. These clients may want to consider a retirement income plan with tax-smart strategies.

Having the conversation
We can help you talk to your clients about protecting the (un)protected.

Keep the conversation going

Helping clients protect their retirement portfolio at every stage of planning will help them feel more confident about their plan and strengthen your relationships.

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With the support and strength of Lincoln, you can help your clients feel optimistic about their retirement income plans.

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* Cerulli, “The Cerulli Edge, U.S. Retail Investor Edition,” 1Q 2020