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life insurance

A broad portfolio of product choices and innovative solutions to provide protection, preserve wealth and supplement retirement income.

Protection and a financial plan

Protecting your clients from unforeseen events is an important part of any long-term financial plan. Life insurance plays an important role in protecting not just assets, but also their family. Lincoln offers you a range of solutions that provide choice, flexibility and coverage options to meet your clients’ varied needs:

  • Term Life Insurance for temporary coverage
  • Universal Life Insurance for more flexible coverage
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance for flexible coverage with the addition of growth potential

More than just a death benefit

Beyond providing a guaranteed benefit in the event of death, life insurance plays an important role in:

  • Financial protection for loved ones or a business
  • Income replacement
  • Supplemental retirement income
  • Account value growth that can be used as a financial resource
  • Tax-deferred asset protection and accumulation
  • An efficient means of transferring wealth
  • A source of funding for business owners

Lincoln helps you help your clients

We offer you sales support and personalized attention, before and after the sale with:

  • Industry-leading underwriting with dedicated teams to support your business
  • Case design assistance for estate, business, charitable planning and executive compensation needs
Your Lincoln underwriting advantage

Work with a dedicated team of underwriting and new business specialists focused on your success. Expect competitive underwriting advantages to help you close more cases. Learn more.


Lincoln life insurance products 

Term Life

For temporary coverage

  • Life insurance for fixed periods of one, five, 10 years or longer
  • Most economical form of life insurance
  • Guaranteed death benefit within the specified term
  • No return of investment at the end of your term

Universal Life

For flexible coverage

  • Benefits of traditional life insurance
  • Potential to grow cash value over time at a set rate
  • Flexibility to set the amount of monthly premiums
  • Flexibility to set the amount of the death benefit while the policy is in force (subject to underwriting approval)
  • Earnings aren’t taxed until paid out (tax-deferred)

Variable Universal Life

For flexible coverage with growth potential

  • All the benefits of Universal Life insurance
  • Flexible premiums and death benefits
  • Potential to grow the cash value over time based on market performance of an underlying portfolio
  • Ability to choose where premiums are invested
  • Earnings aren’t taxed until paid out (tax-deferred)

Variable Life insurance products are sold by prospectus. Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the variable product and its underlying investment options carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the variable product and its underlying investment options. Please review the prospectus available online for additional information. Read it carefully before investing.