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Throughout their lives, clients rely on you for help in protecting and creating wealth. Today, life insurance can offer more than death benefit protection. To find the policy most appropriate for your clients, start by understanding their needs.

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Temporary protection that’s affordable

If you have clients who want affordability, flexibility and a simple, convenient application process, we have what they’re looking for.

Learn about our temporary protection solutions.

Wealth accumulation for living life ica1 image
Wealth accumulation for living life

To help build wealth, plan with an asset that offers tax-efficient growth potential and a future income tax-free financial resource, if properly designed and funded.

Review these wealth accumulation strategies.

Supplemental retirement income ica1 image
Supplemental retirement income

Plan with an asset that can help clients accumulate tax-deferred savings and provide an income tax-free retirement supplement. 

Work with your clients to manage retirement tax risk.

Wealth transfer and legacy planning ica1 image
Wealth transfer and legacy planning

Life insurance is an ideal solution for clients who want to increase or protect their legacies.

Help your clients achieve their goals.

Long-term care expense protection
Long-term care expense protection

For clients seeking protection from future uncertainty, help them plan for the unpredictability and expense of a health event that may require long-term care.

Understand how to plan for long-term care.

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Business protection

Small-business owners need succession planning, protection, and employee retention and recruitment strategies.

See what life insurance can do for business owners.