Long-term care expense protection

If your clients experience a chronic illness or long-term care event without having protection, they could draw down their retirement savings at rates two to three times faster than planned.1

Preparing for unexpected health-related expenses doesn’t end with a long-term care plan. Clients should also be aware of the financial risk of chronic or terminal illness. If your clients want financial protection from future uncertainty, discuss their coverage options.

Get to know your clients  

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Clients who want flexible payments

They may be retirees or working professionals who are aware of long-term care expense risk and want to have a plan for their future. These clients may want to protect their savings and loved ones, and could potentially enhance their life insurance coverage.

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Clients concerned about future health risks

They’re individuals or couples in or nearing retirement who want protection from uncertainty. These clients are also looking to protect their assets from financial risk.


Solutions to consider

Whether your client wants long-term care expense protection or life insurance combined with chronic illness2 protection, or both, consider these planning options.

  • For long-term care planning
  • For chronic illness protection

Lincoln offers solutions which cover permanent or recoverable conditions.

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Lincoln LifeAssure® Accelerated Benefits Rider on a permanent policy offers access to their death benefit in the event of a chronic or terminal illness. Once qualified, clients have the freedom to use the funds for any purpose. There’s no elimination or deductible period.

Available with Lincoln LifeGuarantee® UL, Lincoln WealthAdvantage® Indexed UL, Lincoln VULONE, Lincoln AssetEdge® VUL, and Lincoln AssetEdge® Exec VUL.

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How much life insurance does my client need?

Use this life insurance calculator to help address your client's needs and their financial situation.

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Will your client's savings last a lifetime?

Our life expectancy calculator can help determine how much they'll need to provide for their family and themselves.

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1Lincoln Financial Group and Hanover Research,“ Long-Term Care Risk: Survey Results from Advisors and Consumers,” 2015.

2Chronically Ill (Chronic Illness) is defined as a state of health where the Insured is: a) unable to perform (without Substantial Assistance from another individual) at least 2 Activities of Daily Living for a period of at least 90 days as a result of loss of functional capacity; or b) requires Substantial Supervision to protect the Insured from threats to health and safety caused by Severe Cognitive Impairment. The term “Chronically Ill” shall not include an Insured who otherwise meets the requirements noted above unless within the preceding 12 month period a Licensed Health Care Practitioner has certified that the Insured meets these requirements.

The Lincoln LifeAssure® Accelerated Benefits Rider is not long-term care insurance nor is it intended to replace the need for long-term care insurance. The benefits are supplementary to the primary need for death benefit protection. The rider may not
cover all of the costs associated with the chronic illness of the insured. The benefits of the rider are limited by the policy’s death benefit at the time of claim; long-term care insurance does not typically contain this limitation. 

Long-term care benefit riders may not cover all costs associated with long-term care costs incurred by the insured during the coverage period. Accelerated death benefits may be taxable and may affect public assistance eligibility.

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