Multigenerational wealth planning

A confluence of demographics, changing client needs and new standards of professional conduct are transforming the playing field for advisors.

Advisors can sustain and grow their practice for years to come by understanding and addressing the needs, attitudes and behaviors of all generations.

  • 10,000 baby boomers are retiring daily and drawing down their assets.
  • Savings and investment priorities are being replaced by income, estate and long-term care planning strategies.
  • An estimated $30 trillion in wealth will be transferred as baby boomers progress through their retirement over the next 30 years.1

Family growth opportunities

Get a head start on positioning your practice for these changes by focusing on the inevitable transfer of wealth from client to beneficiary. Statistically, this wealth is at high risk of leaving your practice and your firm. To maintain control of these assets, it’s critically important to strengthen your relationships with spouses and children.

Consider the following materials to incorporate a multigenerational wealth-planning approach into your practice.

What your clients value most

Conduct a policy review. You’ll gain valuable client insights and the conversation will inevitably turn to their children.


Dynasty trusts (PDF)

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1Liz Skinner, “The Great Wealth Transfer Is Coming, Putting Advisers at Risk,” InvestmentNews,, July 13, 2015.

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