As lifespans grow, consumers need help managing the challenges of longer retirements. One in four of your clients can expect to live to age 97.1

Our research shows that nearly half of consumers feel it’s likely they could run out of money during retirement. 2

With today’s longer lifespans, consumers need sustainable income that may last two or three decades. Facing rising healthcare costs, volatile markets, and competing financial priorities, they need guidance to manage the challenges of the new retirement landscape.

Help them meet the challenges with confidence 

In an environment of low interest rates, disappearing pensions, and unpredictable global markets, you can help clients build strategies that can help protect their wealth from healthcare expenses, inflation, market risk, and taxes. Learn more about the challenges of generating lifetime guaranteed income, accessing cash flow, paying for long-term care expenses, and growing and protecting retirement principal with Lincoln Wealth Protection Expertise resources.

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2Lincoln Financial Group and Hanover Research, Inc., “Wealth Protection Survey, 2015.” http://newsroom.lfg.com/wealth-protection-expertise