Taxes affect everyone. Help your clients plan ahead to mitigate the impact of taxes on their spending power and investment portfolio over time.

Key facts

  • 36% of retirees surveyed reported that taxes were a larger expense than they’d anticipated.
  • 23% didn’t even consider taxes an expense for which to plan.1
  • High net-worth consumers are carrying a heavier tax burden to pay for deficit reduction and expanded health care coverage; income and capital gains have been increased.
  • Baby boomers have hit retirement age, creating a push to focus on the need to address taxes in retirement.
  • Investors have been shaken by turbulent markets and want products and strategies that protect their wealth, not just deliver positive outcomes.

As a financial professional, you can help ease your clients’ concerns around taxes and the impact they might have on their savings and income in retirement by providing sound tax planning strategies and preparation services. You can also help protect their wealth by mitigating taxes for the long term with Lincoln wealth protection strategies.

1 The Spectrum Group Research Survey, “2013 — Expense Challenges of Age 62 – 75 Retirees”

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