Financial advisory services

As a successful independent investment advisor who provides advice for a fee, you have the ability to structure your advisory practice in a way that works best for you and your clients.

Access our business advisory platforms

Whether your business is primarily fee-based or you’re considering fee-based services, we have the expertise and support to help you build a scalable, profitable advisory practice. Growing your fee-based business can help you deepen client relationships, drive new sources of revenue and manage your clients’ long-term financial goals. 

A variety of advisory programs and services are available to IARs and affiliates such as:

  • Advisor-directed accounts
  • Mutual fund wrap programs
  • ETF wrap programs
  • Separate accounts
  • Unified managed accounts


If you choose to affiliate through one of Lincoln’s corporate RIAs, you can maintain your brand and independence while leveraging Lincoln to handle most compliance and regulatory obligations.